Peter van Blyenburgh was born in The Netherlands, educated in Canada, Netherlands Antilles, The Netherlands and Switzerland, and has resided in Paris, France since 1976. He is the founder & CEO of Blyenburgh & Co, France, and is internationally recognized as a UAS/RPAS/drone expert and strategic & regulatory advisor. In 1997, he founded Euro UVS, which changed its name to UVS International in 2000. This non-profit association, registered in The Hague, The Netherlands, was dedicated to the promotion of unmanned systems; he acted as its elected president up to 2021. He has participated in UAS/RPAS/drone-related regulatory activities deployed by ICAO, European Commission (EC), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), EUROCONTROL, & Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS). He was the initiator of the RPAS-related standards activities at EUROCAE (WG73 & WG93) and advisor to the management team of both working groups. He is the editor & publisher of “RPAS: The Global Perspective” & “Professional Drone Operations Market”, and the organizer of the annual “RPAS Regulatory, Policy & Innovation Forum” (19 years running) and “Civil RPAS Operators & Operations Forum” (7 years running). He has participated in various UAS/RPAS/drone-related EU-funded consortia, and has conducted multiple European & international surveys on drone-related matters. He is a regular speaker on UAS/RPAS/drone-related matters at conferences (221 engagements in 28 countries). He is the initiator of the “USE” initiative.