Gilles Fartek joined the company INTEGRA A/S in 2010 as Director of European and NATO Affairs and Head of the Brussels office (Belgium). He has more than 35 years of experience in civil and military aviation, as a defence and ATC controller, and has been involved in international affairs at the strategic level. He was involved in the development of EU legislation since 2002, at the national level within the French MOD, and in the Single European Sky Unit of the European Commission (DG MOVE). He has relevant knowledge in aviation safety, security, civil and military cooperation, airspace design and management, ATCO training, network management, and performance, from technical to decision levels. He also has a pervasive experience in supporting States and ANSPs converging with EU and International regulations and standards. In the last 15 years, he has been very much involved in developing the drone industry and its related regulatory framework. He was in charge of the initial development of drone affairs within DG MOVE between 2007 and 2010. In addition, he directed the INOUI (Innovative Operational UAS Integration) Project as part of the European Commission Research Program FP6 to support drone integration into the future SESAR environment. He is registered as an expert to the European Commission for safety, security and innovative transport technologies, mainly under the Horizon 2020 framework. He is also particularly active in facilitating the introduction of innovative technologies such as Hyperloop in Europe. Mr Fartek is co-owner co-founder of Integra Aerial Services (INAS), a Danish start-up built as a spin-off of Integra (Denmark), operating large drones for providing new types of services, including operations in the northern part of Greenland for Danish universities. He has also been involved in the ULTRA (Unmanned Aerial Systems in European Airspace) Project run under FP7, and directed the very large UTM demonstration activities in Denmark for the PODIUM project under SESAR JU Horizon 2020 framework. He is currently heavily involved in developing future logistic solutions based on the use of large drones in northern Europe and Africa. He is a former board member of UVS International. Since 2017, he has represented the PUCA (Platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft) association in the informal group of experts to the European Commission. In 2010, he received the Catherine Fargeon Award 2009 in recognition of his commitment and contribution to the international development of UAS operations.