Nicolas Kestens is a certified professional trainer in adult learning, and the founder & CEO of the training and consulting company “Bretagne Aéro Formations” in France. He is dedicated to leveraging his specific skills in the civil UAS domain, in order to provide stakeholders with bespoke training courses and services, ranging from core needs (e.g. remote pilot courses) to more specific activities [e.g. Specific Operation Risk Assessment (SORA) training]. His company also supplies courses on transversal subjects (e.g. Dangerous Goods Regulations, aviation safety and security, or human factors). Nicolas is an active member of the French Civil Drone Council where he leads the working group on remote pilot training and qualification, under the supervision of the French NAA. In addition, he participates, as a technical expert to the DGAC, France, in the EASA Task Force on remote pilot training and examination. Apart of his business activities, Nicolas is indeed strongly committed to ensuring a sustainable and qualitative development of training services at European and national levels, and to establishing harmonized practices between Member States.